Attendance Policy


Time and again we have found that missing classes and missing days, for whatever reason, is the slippery slope to not succeeding at Long View. First, a student misses a unique speaker or activity, then he or she fails to do the make-up work which not nearly as interesting as the original class. Then the student falls further behind, and a vicious cycle starts.

We want to stop that cycle before it starts. We strongly believe that students need to view school as a priority and need to order their lives and activities accordingly. While family, jobs, social activities, doctors’ appointments and such are all important, we encourage that they all be balanced so as to take the absolute least amount of time away from school.

+ If an appointment must be made during the school week, then realize that Thursdays, when we do field trips, is the worst day to miss, because it is impossible to replicate the field trip experience.

+ If a student is absent, a parent/guardian must call the main office at (303) 982-8523. Phone calls from the student to their first hour teacher, showing responsibility and a desire to make up the work, are also appreciated.

All absences are Unexcused unless a doctor/dentist or court note is presented to Donna.

Attendance Expectations

By choosing to enroll at Long View High School, students must agree to fulfill the attendance and academic performance expectations listed below to remain a full time student. Students who do not fulfill these expectations in one or more classes in a quarter will be placed in Phoenix Lab. 

  • Students who reach 6 unexcused absences to any one class or period in a quarter will be placed in Phoenix Lab.
  • All absences are unexcused unless a doctor’s/dentist note or court excuse is presented to Donna.
  • Three Tardies to any one class counts as one unexcused absence to a class.
  • A student’s placement in Phoenix Lab will occur immediately upon the 6th absence or at the conclusion of the quarter for the next quarter.

Phoenix Lab Requirements

  • While in Phoenix Lab, the student attends class on every afternoons from 1:50-2:00 pm for 1 week. 
  • Upon the completion of Phoenix Lab if the  absences and tardies still occur a meeting will be held to discuss if Long View is the correct placement for the student. 
  • Complete 0.25 credits or more in an assigned online Edgenuity course with a passing grade of 75%.
  • Additional coursework will be assigned if the required amount is not completed prior to the end of the Phoenix Lab.
  • Coursework must be completed by the last day of the quarter at 8:30 pm.
  • Students can complete online work at home; however, time spent working outside of designated Phoenix Lab hours DOES NOT count toward the attendance minimum..
  • Three tardies counts as one unexcused absence.

         Phoenix Lab Schedule: 1:50 – 2:20 pm  Every afternoon


Dis-Enrollment from Long View High School

Any student who does not meet an expectation during their time at Long View will attend a meeting and may be dis-enrolled from Long View High School and transitioned to a more suitable educational setting, which may include a return to the home high school or another alternative setting.


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